Wednesday, May 30, 2012


The internet is going berserk over KK's tweeted Instagram of her spraytan in developmental mode, talking all about oh-my-gosh it's sooo insanely dark, she's tanorexic,  she's LOST THE PLOT!! 

Developmental mode. The time frame in between having solution applied to the skin and when you have your first shower. The time frame in which you smell like a corn chip and do look as if you've lost your powers of reasoning. The time frame in which most normal tanorexics stay indoors and dare not expose their state to ANYONE in the known Universe. 

But then we are talking about young Kimmie here. 
She is a monumental twit (albeit a really good-looking one) but she has my vote for advancing the cause of the outstanding spray tan. She uses Fake Bake of which I am a massive advocate  and would recommend in a heartbeat. 

If you don't believe me, put this pic next to one of Patricia Krentcil (who goes in a tanning bed) and let me know which you'd rather look like. 

Kalm the eff down.... 

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