Wednesday, January 20, 2010


If ya don't know, now ya know.... It's officially official!

My girl, Ciara (others may hate, but I can't...) has brought it back for L'Officiel Magazine (see?? even they know - official!) with the 90's heat at the tips of her fingers.

I think I still have photographic evidence of rockin (the stuffing!) out of this look the first time around - although, I think I may have held on to this burgandy madness just a smidge too long, because as dope as this is on Ci, I'm having a disturbing flashback right about now.
...I'm pretty sure it was Revlon that did the matching lipstick (...this is possibly where I started pushing the look downhill ....)

Get it while it's hot. Next week, it gon be somethin else....

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