Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Few months old, but I feel the need to post these images of maverick trends from the runways - just to get 'em on here...
Top look was from the Dsquared S/S '09/'10 show - the ironic stark french talons to match up with their cheeky-chic trucker-chick styling was cute and funny. To be left on the runway, though (don't argue...).
Next one was from Thakoon's latest autumn showing, tying together the most current slick 'parisian' manicure (in which the lunula section of the nail bed conspicuously stands out from the rest of the paint job) with some modern, crisp, clean, monochromatic stencil-like design rounding out the rest of the nail.
Nice balance.
Definitely recreatable.
Completely wearable.
Third look was from a little way back at Prada's S/S 2010 offering - taking it right out there with clear tips on feet as well as hands.
I like this alot. I've used clear tips for a million years, because I always did (DID!!) permanent french with white acrylic (as opposed to white tips, ala Dsquared) - not that you'd get one day out of these little cherubs without something over them (gel, acrylic), and even with the added strength of some kind of coating, they have the nasty tendancy to split when they cop any kind of impact. These too, are just for the runway. Cool, though.
Predictably, I'm loving how much attention nails are getting at this time. There are some seriously talented artists finally getting the shine they deserve on a global, mainstream level.
Read on for more indepth analysis of many other designers' choices for nails to complete their directional visions... http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/fashion/features/nails--a-real-talon-contest-1851410.html
Thakoon nails image courtesy of http://www.independent.co.uk/

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