Thursday, January 7, 2010


O.P.I. is right on board for the extravaganza that is about to be, Disney's (Tim Burton-directed) 'ALICE IN WONDERLAND' - poised and ready to release 4 limited-edition polishes (each with requisite (and befittingly kooky) play-on-words names, that those of us familiar with the O.P.I. brand have come to expect).

They've decided to go with 2 reds out of the 4 colours - 'Off With Her Red' (hot red) and 'Thanks So Muchness!' (shimmer red). 'Absolutely Alice' is an electric blue glitter and 'Mad as a Hatter' is a confetti-like multi-coloured glitter.

The release date for these lovelies is January 2010, and O.P.I. is stocked nationally (in Australia) at David Jones.

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