Friday, January 22, 2010


The nudist movement is gaining serious ground (almost critical mass) with many, many references to 'mannequin' hands (UPDATE - Feb 2010 - this term and look came from Soph Robson who did the nails at LV - official) popping up over the last weeks.
Reports from Louis Vuitton S/S 2010 runway (top image) mentioned MH's in stark contrast to the cr-aaziness sweeping the rest of the collections (in regard to nail design), and just about everyone had a go at the Golden Globe awards last week,

here... (about 1/4 way down the page)

and here...
And let's not forget, Vanessa Cruz, nudin' it right out there (2nd image) for L'Official Magazine - (also, it looks like, leading the charge with the backlash against spraytanning....sheesh (as divine as she is - no hate...)).
This is, by no means, the first nude-inspired photoshoot - they've been everywhere for a looong minute now, but it certainly is a nice one.
Cop the rest of it here...
P.s. ...maybe some of you can help settle an arguement for me? Have a little look there at Ms Cruz - cameltoe or a seam? Perspective/opinion could tend to be gender-biased....
Back on track!....I've been loving this part of the 90's revisited since probably late '08 and have been trying to push the nude since then. It's been real slow to gain ground, but I think it's safe to assume that all the kids have gotten the update.
Not only is it beautiful, but just about everyone can find a shade they can easily wear (as evident at the G.G.'s..).
Yay, nude!
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  1. Shadow and seam, definitely not cameltoe

  2. Yes for sure - this picture is pretty flawless so I am going to go with Seam for sure! Dont think you could pay me a million dollars to wear that suit though - nope no way - ...who am i kidding? of course i would for a million dollars!!