Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Apparently, I've been living under a rock.

In the same week my friend casually mentioned flesh-eating fish and their association to a particular beauty treatment, another friend showed me photos of her recent vacation to an Asian destination where she and her partner signed up for one of these treatments... and then I read this article....

Ummm, this concept literally makes me wanna vomit. Finally, my sister (famous (amongst our family, anyway..) fish lover and activist - I, the famous sushi-lover...) could be on the same page with this subject.

I can change lightbulbs AND tyres. I can put together large pieces of IKEA furniture unassisted. I can pull out splinters. I can EVEN do catch+releases of GIANT (jumping... oh, yes!) tree spiders (Huntsmen, for all my Aussies...), but even the pretty petals and tea-set cannot distract me from the nausea and lightheadedness setting in as I imagine this 'sensation'. I'm squealing neurotically (like a GIRL...oh, wait - I am a girl....) inside!!
I can't get with this. Just too weird.


  1. Agreed! It is just too weird! Just because the fish will nibble, doesnt mean that we should invite!!! Us as humans are just too weird! What I want to know is, where do these fish come from??? Are they in our ocean down at Surfers Paradise because I dont want them nibbling certain areas and will NEVER go back in the water if they are everywhere!!!

  2. I think this is disgusting. The fish can't tell you if they're enjoying eating the dead and potentially hazardous pieces of skin off these people's (possibly filthy) feet and I am sure they're not seeking out this "meal" in their normal habitat.

    The thought of having these poor little fishies forced to eat dead human skin is just too much for me (also who knows if they have other options for food).


    If I don't stand up for the little fishies of the world who will? Fish lover and Activist - that's so me!