Thursday, January 28, 2010


I'm thinking there's another direction U.S. Congress could go with their current pre-occupation (that I am behind wholeheartedly...) toward deterring people from U.V. exposure via sunbeds....

Instead of hitting 'em on their hip pocket with the 'tanning' tax, Congress could do how they do with the consumption of tobacco, and wage full assault on the general (tanning) public's visual senses of what could very well be their fate, should they continue such irresponsible tanning practises.

Take it away, visual aid, Donatella Versace!

Imagine walking into your local 'Tropical Burn' (or whatever...) salon and being confronted with a life-sized D.V. eye-balling you - equal parts heckling, daring, seducing (even! hehehe...) you onto the tanning bed....*Shudder+Cold Sweat*.
You cannot convince me that a spraytan looks worse than this.

More in this particular series of truly disturbing health warnings over at -

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