Tuesday, April 20, 2010


above the clouds/above the clouds/where sounds are original

infinate skills create miracles

warrior spiritual - above the clouds

reigning(raining) down/holdin it down

A break from usual trivial beauty bull-ish here to honour one of the best that ever did it for my one and only true love, Hip Hop.

Breaking news is that Guru, MC of legendary hiphop duo, Gang starr has just lost his battle with cancer.

This has been a dramatic situation for a minute with his manager having power of attorney over his health matters and stopping any member of Guru's family (blood and otherwise) from being able to see him in his critical and deteriorating state over these last months.

His family and so many of his peers and fans have had to pray from afar for his recovery - this is truly a tragic outcome.

There will surely be more b.s. emerging as the scenario now plays out between Solar (manager) and Guru's family.
Prayers go out to all Guru's surviving loved ones. (love and respect to Premo).
Rest in peace (finally), Keith Elam.

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