Monday, April 12, 2010


If you're a regular reader, you'll already know how I generally feel about Chanel polishes (which, incidentally, happens to be the complete opposite of how I feel about Chanel handbags and Mr Lagerfeld - but, I digress....)

So, here's a professional's professional opinion...

If you feel some uncontrollable compulsion to aquire Chanel's current (yet, almost-out-of-favour, as May (and therefore 'Nouvelle Vague') approaches) varnish, 'Particuliere' - I urge you instead to do yourself one large and divert to O.P.I.'s 'You Don't Know Jacques!' or 'Over the Taupe', which is almost a dead ringer for 'Particuliere'.
I took Particuliere off a client the other day. It looks brown in the bottle, ugly khaki out of the bottle and baby-dodo yellow when it's coming off onto a cotton swab. I'm seriously starting to think Karl is playing us with these colours. For real.
Half the $$'s, O.P.I.'s consistency and wearability is infallible (and the same cannot be said for Chanel).
There. I said it.
P.s. Thank you, Vogue Australia - who, it looks, agree with me - with their first suggestion for this nail trend being 'Over the Taupe'.,2857

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