Monday, April 12, 2010


It's official. Nail polish is no joke in the serious growth sector of business during the recession period.

Seems it's been the top choice to stay pretty whilst relieving the GFC blues.
Please check this article by the Financial Times, that Elle could probably recycle as a beauty trending article...

As it turns out, in past recessions other beauty staples came out on top - but this time around nail varnish hit out as the savvy and extremely affordable way to keep up with dizzying rotation of fashion trends - possibly taking over actual accessories to become the must-have addition to the lastest outfit/look.

"...with sales reaching $35.5 billion at a manufacturing level."

At a manufacturing level.

In my experience, at least quadruple that figure for a final retail sales figure. So much for being trivial...

With everyone and their fav disposable-fashion outlet releasing their 'own' polish range - seems like the whole globe is attempting to cash in on this swing in consumer choice and momentum. (Aldo Shoes is the latest in a long line of retailers to launch a polish collection).

I know to me, it feels like everywhere I look it's nothing BUT polish - so this swelling trend doesn't surprise me at all.

It's a proud moment for the humble nail tech/manicurist.

For the full report and stats, get into ...

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