Friday, April 16, 2010


Creative Nail Design (CND) would really have to reach with something ridiculously impressive to get me back onboard after the decision to abolish their whole polish range to make way for their new, convoluted '50 colours, 15 effects' concept. (fail, btw...)

Apparently this is it.

It is an unprecedented product that lands somewhere between a polish and a gel overlay - a hybrid, if you will. It's been in superduper secret undercover development and production for the last couple of years and initial unsolicited reports are saying it lives up to the hype.
It is for the manicure (not enhancement) client that wishes their polish would last for weeks instead of days.

ALL LACQUERED UP sampled it and broke it down over 2 weeks and the photos are actually impressive.

See for yourself -

For natural nails only, it still won't help me and 97% of my clientbase get over the frustration of some of the best polishes (quality and colour range) being wiped off the market for good.
('Burn', 'Trophy', 'Tickles' and 'Grapeade' (just to begin with) need to be inducted into some Hall of Polish fame - for real).
SHELLAC launches May 2010.

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