Sunday, April 18, 2010


Kids, don't let your limited handle on spelling ever get in the way of making large hot-pink-on-black moves in this world....

As Fresh ( is often fond of noting - the jokes write themselves -
and she doesn't mess with crazy white folks much, so I'm taking up the slack.
You know as soon as you see the words 'Lindsay Lohan' and 'tanning', it's gonna be a good show.

You may remember, I brought this situation to your attention via the blogspot ('PUT THE SOLUTION DOWN' - Archives Dec 2009).
So here's where it's at.
Someone decided it would be a good move for their business to get Lundzay onboard to be a 'co-developer' and spokeswoman for their tanning solution (could this be the equivalent of Mary-Kate Olsen hawking for WeightWatchers or Britney for Triumph brassieres or Tiger for monogamy...ummm).

But wait. blurb states "infused with Goji Berry extract and Chardonnay extracts to help keep the skin hydrated..." (if you do not believe me, here is the full article -

This individual periodically vacays in the real world from rehab for (what else??) ALCOHOLISM.


Way to back yourself, turning up to your heavily-anticipated, much-publicised tanning product launch with clearly not a spritz of said product anywhere on your person, looking paler than the white dress you're wearing.


Please bask in the stank irony of this whole hot mess (...guaranteed to beat the nacho-cheese-corn-chip aroma of any rotten spraytan - oh yes!). Alanis Morissette got nothin on this b.....

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